Date Syrup

Our date syrup stands out with its delicious taste and high quality. It has a rich fruit flavour and only natural sugars. But there’s more to it than that!


Date syrup for industry

Frumarco’s date syrup is gluten-free, contains no preservatives, and it doesn’t crystallise. These unique characteristics make our date syrup so special. It’s among the favourite products of both our clients and business-to-business customers. Besides a mouth-watering taste, our date syrup has a guaranteed high quality. Like all of the Frumarco’s products, it represents the latest trends and meets the strictest food safety requirements of the IFS Higher Level.

Industrial clients

For business-to-business customers, Frumarco supplies date syrup as an ingredient for other foodstuffs. The fruit syrup is often used as an unrefined and natural substitute for sugar and honey. The exotic date syrup can give a surprising taste to your products as well as extended shelf life.


Packaging options for industry

As far as packaging is concerned, there are various options - cups, glasses, cans, buckets, barrels, containers or tankers. Whichever you choose, there’s a possibility to place your own branding on it.


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