Frumarco also supplies syrup or concentrate as an ingredient for food products, such as fruit and muesli bars. We’re also working together with the baking industry. The entire process is based on the customer’s wishes; therefore, it’s tailor-made.



For business-to-business customers, Frumarco supplies fruit syrup from apples, pears and dates as an ingredient for other foodstuffs. The fruit syrup is often used as an unrefined and natural substitute for sugar and honey. A significant additional advantage of the fruit syrup is that it leads to a higher amount of fruit used per 100 gram of syrup: up to 700% more. Furthermore, the fruit syrup can also be used to extend the shelf life of certain products.

Frumarco’s industrial fruit syrups also have the best quality because only the best quality continues the tradition.


Frumarco has already developed many types of industrial fruit syrup, but we often produce also tailor-made products (at least 800 kg). Here are the application possibilities that have already been tested:
Fruit bars: Fruit syrup in fruit bars can be used as a natural adhesive and binding agent. It not only holds the bar together but gives the bar sweetness and fresh, fruity note.
Muesli/crunchy muesli: The fruit syrup can be a natural alternative to the caramelized granulated sugar used in muesli. Used for making crunchy muesli, the fruit syrup not only gives a sweet taste but clumps the muesli into the desired crispy bits.

Pastry/Bread: The amount of fruit used per 100 gram of syrup is quickly much higher in cakes with fruit filling than in regular jam. In addition, fruit syrup is sweet thanks to the natural fruit sugar, so no granulated sugar needs to be added. It has been found that Frumarco’s fruit syrup extends the shelf life of bread and other pastries. There are special high-potassium varieties which, in combination with the sugars from the fruit, retain moisture for longer and provide higher resistance to fungi.

Sauces: This is the most traditional application of fruit syrup. The possibilities are endless: sauce for stew meat, sour meat, chutney, red wine sauce, game sauces, etc. Added to a marinade, the fruit syrup can give a delicious, subtly sweet taste.



When it comes to packaging, there are many options:
- plastic buckets from 3,5 kg to 25 kg
- barrels of 280 kg
- IBC containers
- in tankers (from 5 tons)
Depending on the customer’s needs, the viscosity can vary from liquid to jelly.


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